A Brooklyn couple freaks out when they find out that the spirit that has inhabited their home for years, has left without notice. The couple try to find advice on what to do through a psychic, who tells them how hard it is to find a good presence these days. The main characters decide to go through an intense search, interviewing different ghosts, Unfortunately none of them seems good enough. Out of desperation the husband decides to commit suicide in order to replace their missing ghost. Not long after his suicide they discover that their missing ghost took a few weeks off to resolve some family issuies and is coming back.

Written and Directed by: Maria Gordillo
Cinematography by: Jac Fitzgerald
Format: Arri Alexa
Running time: 11’03”

Produced by: USERT38
Producer: Miguel Angel Fernandez, David Figueroa, Maria Gordillo
Co-producer: Mike De Caro
1st AD: Joel Davenport
Edited by: Miguel Burgos, Adam Jenkins
Colourist: Elisa Mar Ferre
Music composer: Gabriel Saientz
Sound editor/mixer: Gabriel Gutierrez
Sound Recordist: Brian Flood, Peter Chin
CGI Artist: Victor de Luis, Miguel Castrillo
Digital Compositors: Eloy Gazol, Joaquín Gutierrez
Make up: Meraly Lopez, Monica Mua, Monica Cerda.
Set Designer: Tamar Meir